Evolving Java project research

This page is the base page for the framework research for a project I planned. So far only some building blocks are under development. The real project will use little of the actual code displayed here. The goal is to investigate and document several directions and use only those considered fit for the real project. By documenting I hope to make better founded decisions.

The design method is a kind of 'exploratory programming' :-).

The 'real' project is a Java implementation of SCBook a studbook administration tool for populations of exotic reptiles and amphibians. The primary goal is to recreate SCBook in Java with a local Derby database. A secondary goal is create an online version, using the same Java 'fat-client' and a remote MySQL database via a JDBC connection. This allows low cost, of the shelf ISP-provider functionality.

The starting point were two tutorials from Vogella.de, the site of Lars Vogel. There are not many simple Java - Spring examples on the internet, this is a bright exception to the rule. The Vogella tutorials are:

Below the pages to the various versions. Higher versions doesn't automatically mean better, but with luck, more complete.

Version 0.1
This uses the Spring JDBC interface, some bean wiring and a small bit of generics for icing the cake :-).
Small DBUnit example for import, export of databases and comparison of tables.
Version 0.2
Finally the 0.2 release is in presentable shape. Two tables make the problem much more interesting.
Version 0.3
Version 0.3 is planned as the last version, implementing the Spring JDBC database interface. First some reading, then coding; Pro Spring 2.5.
A code snipped useful for the next stage, an implementation with Hibernate. It neatly maps Enums to INT or VARCHARs in the database.
HTTPUnit intermezzo
Code to parse non trival forms in a table
UserEnumType *improved*
Fixed the method reversal, and improved instance lookup. Works now with Hibernate.
A Sudoku solver
A typical holiday filler project
process pool
Start jobs from a list

The bookshelf.

The very old stuff, like the Sinclair Black Watch emulator is moved to here.

Last updated: 2017-07-29