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You can read the history elsewhere , but here's the only inside picture! (At least that's what I thought before typing "Sinclair NEAR ZX80" at AltaVista :-( )

Sinclair ZX 80 The ZX80 computer. After 29 years the 'white' isn't what it once was...

Project in progress: bringing the manual on-line. Click on the picture for current results. The formatting is more or less OK. Now improved by some proofreading by Lex Landa. Thanks!
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Combine this with a ZX80 emulator for the complete (virtual) ZX80 experience!

Sinclair ZX80 board Click on it for full size.
Sinclair ZX80 bottom

Typical difference with the ZX81: the keyboard is integrated with the circuit board.

Sinclair ZX80 Memory Pack Note that the front text states: "ZX80 1-3K BYTE RAM PACK". So Sinclair planned to sell it in various configurations!
More on the 1-3 K BYTE RAM PACK

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