The Olivetti M15

As you can see, very under construction.

Outside Olivetti M15 A dual 720kByte floppy based PC (80c88). This machine is comparable to the IBM Convertible.
Inside Olivetti M15 The main board. Below the connector cover which uses pictograms to indicate port function. Note the 'Bus' on the right.
Power Supply Connection Instructions Instructions on how to proper connect the power supply. The wiring is a bit unusual, as the pins of both connectors are positive and connected. So the M15 works on negative power supply; 5 V for operation (DC connector) and a NiCd-charger (9 V without load, CHARGE connector).
Battery data 4.8v/5000mAh (NiCd). The manual states 8 hours for charge time, this results in a charge current of 0.2 C, in this case 1 Ampere.

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Last update: 2014-06-09